About Us

We recognized that a large portion of the small to medium businesses and professional individuals were not being sufficiently serviced. Businesses need to establish an online presence quickly and efficiently that they can easily manage going forward. 

Some of the big gaps we identified were:

  • A lot businesses just don't know where to start or who to talk to when establishing an online presence. They need a mentor to help them understand and walk them through the process
  • A lot of the web site platforms on offer are too large, expensive and complicated for the small to medium size business
  • Small business don't have the time or expertise to go through a lengthy design and implementation process
  • Smaller organizations and individuals have a limited budget
  • Businesses need an online store capability for products and services that is secure, cheap to run and easy to manage

We came up with a solution which required us to overcome these issues, one that meets the following needs:

  • The solution has to be simple and easy to use without incurring a steep learning curve
  • Many small businesses only want a simple web site and online presence and strategy - frequently they are very similar in their site and online presence requirements
  • Provide a great solution at a reasonable price

With a website crafted to meet your needs your time will be freed up to spend on the business, instead of fiddling around developing and maintaining your website.

All content will be tailored to align with your business or personal brand and an online presence strategy established. 

In addition to the training and support provided as part of the package, ongoing support is also available.

Amazon Limitless Advertising Solutions revolves around our commitment to help you look your best and inspire confidence in you.

We believe in the following:

• Servicing the client is the most important aspect of any business relationship.
• More expensive does not mean more valuable.
• Smaller companies can provide far superior and personal service than their larger counterparts.
• Listening to what our client needs, not telling them what we want.
• A website should ALWAYS enhance a company's value.
• Putting a design credit on your client's website (as many companies do) is not keeping your client's best interests in mind.

We have been operating for over One Year and we have managed to build up a reputable establishment online. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, offering our customers the best services available.

 We take a personal, friendly approach to business, making it a priority to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.